A global specialist in bed bug control

bed bug on skinWelcome to Merlin Bed Bugs, a division of Merlin Environmental – global specialists in bed bug control

Merlin have been providing expert bed bug control for over a decade to London and the rest of the globe.

We are 100% committed to getting pests out of your property. Our cutting-edge treatment technologies have been used on a global scale, and our bed bug control technicians are world class. We have a 98% first treatment success rate to prove it.

Ultra-fast bed bug control for your home or business

Bed bugs breed quickly and hide in impossible-to-find places. That’s why it’s important to treat an infestation as soon as you suspect it is there.

Our bed bug control methods and treatments can locate and eradicate bugs in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

Our treatments include:

All our bed bug treatments are environmentally friendly and minimise the use of chemicals.

Merlin featured on BBC Human Planet

Merlin were featured on the BBC programme Human Planet demonstrating how bed sniffer dogs find bed bugs in a fraction of the time of humans.

Bed Bug Dogs

Bed bug dog

Detection dogs are the most efficient and accurate way to find bed bugs.

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Heat Treatment

Heat treatment for bed bugs

Heat treatment is the best eradication method and is environmentally friendly.

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Bed bug monitoring

We offer a monitoring and maintenance programme to keep infestations under control.

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Why Use Merlin

Bed bug chemist

Merlin has a team of experts who are recognised leaders in their field.

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