Bed Bug Eradication

Bed bug eradication

Bed bug eradication is the pest control industry’s greatest challenge.

Even with a new wealth of research and new products bed bugs are the most difficult form of pest to treat and control, as each individual infestation needs a separate strategy to be effective.

New methods are needed to avoid the use of chemicals while still being effective in eradicating an infestation.

Bed bug treatment is our priority

Over the past decade we’ve worked specifically to eradicate and remove bed bugs. They are the only form of pest control we specialise in.

  • We have researched and developed groundbreaking new strategies
  • We have developed new bed bug treatments
  • We are confident that the work we do can eradicate your infestation quickly and effectively.

Eradication methods that really work

If you suspect an infestation, we offer the most effective eradication methods:

We carefully plan eradication strategies dependent on your property and can help you eliminate infestations on any site, including hotels, private flats, or a fleet of airplanes. We are based in London and work all over the UK and abroad.

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