Bed Bug Monitoring

The Merlin Guarantee – our promise to you

We offer our customers a very simple guarantee: We will get rid of bugs efficiently.

For your peace of mind we offer a 30-180 day guarantee depending on the re-infestation profile of the site.

Why bed bug monitoring is key

Merlin offer a bed bug monitoring and maintenance programme to keep infestations completely under control. Our systems have been carefully designed to detect and eradicate bed bugs in the early stages of infestation. This means there is less risk of the problem spreading.

Our detection services are tried and tested

Merlin has developed an innovative scoring system that accurately measures the risk to each site.

We use this system to advise you on what form of detection will work best, whether it be…

  • Harborage traps – designed to draw bugs from hiding
  • Active monitors –mimicking a human host to target hungry bugs
  • Bed Bug detection dogs – our dogs can sweep large hotels and cruise ships in a quarter of the time it takes a human.

Staff training programme

The final part of our programme is to train housekeeping staff.

We’ll train them to pick up on any evidence left by bugs, and will teach them basic bug biology and behaviour. This means you can eradicate any future infestations fast.

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  • Get Rid of Bed Bugs

    If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation in your business or home, call Merlin today on 0207 965 7543.

  • Call 0207 965 7543