Bed Bug Life Cycle

Here is the life cycle of bed bugs. The best way to eradicate bed bugs is by the use heat treatment. Heat treatment is environmentally friendly and has been proven to completely get rid of infestations. Bed bug heat treatment … Continue reading

Bed Bug Awareness for Hotels & Hospitality Industry

Housekeepers guide to where to find bed bugs Bed bugs can be found in a number of places in a room. See the image below on where bud bugs can typically be found. If you suspect you have bed bugs … Continue reading

​Sniffer dogs trained to deal with a new invasion of bed bugs

Sniffer dogs trained to deal with a new invasion of vampire bed bugs invading Britain. The canines are needed after a report found the UK is nearing pandemic levels of bed-based insects in homes, hotels and hospitals. The insects, which … Continue reading

A ‘pandemic’ of bed bugs in the cabs of the British truckers

A ‘pandemic’ of bed bugs is spreading through the cabs of the British truckers – and an unusual team is leading the fight against the blood-sucking creatures: namely, bed bug detection dogs. Trained in the same way as the better-known … Continue reading

Bed Bugs in the Haulage Industry

Adam Juson of Merlin Environmental Solutions was featured in the latest edition of Pest Magazine. Here is an excerpt from the article. A lot has changed in the professional haulage industry over the past decade. Much of it for the … Continue reading