Meet the Dogs – Charlie Brown

Our dogs are trained from pups and are extremely professional canine inspectors; but they’re also much-loved members of the team, brimming with personality. That in mind, we thought we’d introduce them to you!

Charlie BrownCharlie Brown

Age: 6 years old
Breed: Chocolate Labrador retriever

History: Charlie came to us at 18 months of age. He’d been specifically bred for scent detection at the Defence Animal Centre, but was excess to operational requirements. Here at Merlin Environmental, Charlie immediately took to his bed bug detection training. He relished the challenge of being set harder and harder searches in highly complex environments and progressed quickly towards his graduation.

Speciality: Aircraft screening

Charlie is specifically trained to sniff out bedbugs in the unstable, dry environment of a commercial airline. He’s the James Bond of our team, who sports a full passport, allowing him to travel to specific bedbug danger zones where airlines have been grounded due to an infestation. Charlie is rope-and-harness trained allowing him to be safely lifted and lowered into overhead rest areas and cargo holds.

Personality: Charlie is a very serious dog at work, completely focused on the job in hand. When Charlie is on the case, there is nowhere for bed bugs to hide, however hard they try.

A good sport? However, Charlie has a playful side, too and turns into a puppy at the first sight of a ball. He has a high opinion of his sporting skills, especially at tennis and football. Unfortunately, Charlie often ignores the rules and sprints away with the ball!

Celebrity status: Charlie isn’t at all camera shy and has featured in the press, on the radio and on TV shows such as, BBC Human Planet, BBC Breakfast, the One Show and TV Tokyo.

Likes: Nuzzling people, finding bugs, long walks, rolling in the snow and chasing rabbits.

Dislikes: Cats that scratch, low-flying birds, but worst of all are vets and thermometers…

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