Bed bug screening on aircraft

Bed bug dogs are the most efficient and effective way of screening an aircraft for bed bugs. Over the past few years the levels of bed bug activity on commercial airlines has steadily increased. This pattern of activity is set to continue for the foreseeable future. Some countries have cited bed bugs as potential threats to biosecurity and have appeared in national codes of best practice. We have developed specific scent detection systems to detect infestations on commercial aircraft ranging from planned proactive screening and range of infestation detection through to confirmation of eradication and assisting in the repatriation of grounded aircraft.

Bed bugs on aircraftBed bugs can be incredibly destructive in terms of a carriers’ reputations. Our systems of detection and management have been designed specifically to manage and mitigate these risks. Although our core area of business is the detection and management of bed bug infestations, our scope of activity encompasses a diverse range of services to protect our client’s reputation.

In today’s social media age disgruntled passengers choose to report activity on sites such as rather than raise their concerns with the airline. For this reason we have invested heavily in an online reputation management system that alerts us to any postings or articles concerning our clients. This enables us to inform clients of any forum traffic regarding them and offer advice on management of these postings.

Why Employ Dogs To Detect Bed Bugs?

Bed bug detection dogs can search an aeroplane in a short space of time with pin-point accuracy. Bed bug dogs are accurate over 90% of the time and identify bed bug harborage inaccessible areas. Humans can take days to screen an aircraft dogs can screen a B747 in 2hours and a A320 in 30mins these times can be halved for fast turnaround as all our units contain multiple dogs and two handlers.

The dogs are highly accurate and are able distinguishing between live and dead bed bugs as well as fibres and other odours. The dogs hygiene is also maintained e.g. cleaning teeth, to ensure their best ability to discriminate scents. Daily training exercises are documented so that we can monitor the efficacy of each animal.

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