Get rid of bed bugs in the home

Bed bug treatment in the homeOver the past few years the levels of bed bug activity in the UK has steadily increased. This pattern of activity is set to continue for the foreseeable future. Many people who suspect they have a bed bug infestation feel that they are overrun. In reality this is rarely the case. In domestic settings most infestations are relatively light. It is our job as bed bug detection specialists to verify the presence severity and location of the infestation pre treatment and to verify eradication following a treatment.

Why employ Dogs to detect Bed bugs?

Bed bug sniffer dogs can search a room in a fraction of the time of a human and with amazing accuracy.

Use of bed bug detection dogs has been recognised as probably the most efficient form of detecting scents. Bed bug dogs are accurate over 90% of the time and identify bed bug harborage in walls, under floors and other inaccessible areas. Humans are limited to visual inspections, are less accurate and can take up to 20 minutes per room performing visual examinations compared to 2-3 minutes for a dog.

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